VISIT COUPON DEMO SITE  Username:   Password: demo


Visitor Features
  • Browse coupons by Country, State, City and Business
  • Send Coupons thru SMS Mobile Text Messaging
  • Send Coupons to a Friend
  • Send Advertisers site to Twitter, Facebook, and 297 other popular applications.
  • Advanced Search: search coupons based on keywords, State, City, Category or Business name
  • Add as many Coupons to the shopping Cart as you want
  • When Adding Coupons to the Cart you can View Cart and Click to visit Owners Business Page
  • Contact Business telephone, email link, Website Link or find Driving Directions
  • Print Selected Coupons added to your cart (opens new window)
  • Categories have numerical Values so you can find a Busines's Full Page Ad and Coupons
  • View Latest coupons

Client Features
  • Your own Full Web Page Advertisement that can be edited
  • Add Keywords
  • Html Editor for Bold, Italic and adding links
  • Create Unlimited Coupons
  • Barcode Generator
  • Edit and Delete Coupons
  • Add images to each individual coupon.
  • Map Quest Directions to Business
  • Address and Contact Information
  • Business Description
  • Logo Upload for your Adverisers web page/profile
  • Coupons appear on Main Ad/Business Page
  • Stats Coupon Views
  • Stats Coupon Print outs

Admin Features
  • Complete and easy administration console
  • Add and Edit States, Cities, and Business Categories Manually or you can upload all the sql files for all the US States, Cities and Categories
  • HTML pages that can be edited to add your own Content or Banner areas located on Right Side or Bottom of Each Page.
  • Limit image upload size
  • Barcode Generator.
  • Create Custom headers & footers located in Header and Footer Files
  • Thru the maincontent.php you can limit how many Top coupons to be displayed on your front page.
  • Thru the maincontent.php you can add html to the main page.
  • Add Countries
  • Add Sub Categories
  • Send Newsletters to Advertisers
  • Manage Users

    Manage Users
  • View Business Information
  • View Contact Information
  • View Coupons
  • Delete Users
  • Approve or Deny Coupons

    Payment Gateways
  • Paypal
  • Google Checkout
  • Stormpay ( No longer supported due to the site not accepting new users)
  • Check, Money Order, Money Gram

Settings Located in the Admin Panel uses only one Configuration file to update and make changes to your Coupon Site Default Settings.

  • Database Server
  • Database User
  • Database Password
  • Database Name
  • Site Name
  • Site Domain and Directory you want the Coupon program located at
  • Site Email Address
  • Maximum Size Image allowed
  • Allowed image formats (only supports .jpg)
  • Paypal Payment Email Address
  • Trial Period of Ads
  • Subscription Cost
  • Subscription Period in Days
  • Stormpay Payment Email Address
  • Manual Payments (checks, moneyorder, moneygram) Email address you want for advertiser to send how they will pay for subscription to site

    Coupon Branding
  • Create your own text you want to appear on each coupon printed

    Easy Install Package
  • Upload your files, Create database and database user thru your cpanel by using the sql wizard, change some permissions, run the install. Install creates all your tables and inserts all 50 states and 55,000 US Cities. Drop downs for your site will only drop down the state, city, category, business when a user signs up. That way you dont have 50 states with the entire database dropping down that have no coupons. This is Great for those that want to start their Coupon Business in one area and then expand to another.

Coupon Script
Version 6.0
Coupon Script $165.00 .

Instant Download

After payment there will be a link on the paypal site to return to the download center. For security measures and authentication and verification you will need to use your paypal email that you used to purchase the script at the download center and sign up as a new user. After you complete your registration for the download center you should receive an email for verification. When you receive the email click on the link to add your license to your download center.


  • Upon initial purchase of the script you get:
  • 1 Coupon Script
  • 1 Year License
  • 1 Year Support/Maintenace
  • 1 Year of any fixes or Upgrades at no additional cost

  • After 1 year there will be a Yearly License Fee and that includes Support/Maintenance and any upgrades or fixes during the year.
  • The Yearly Renewal License will be a small fee of $39.95

Coupon Installation $49.95

Coupon Upgrade Installation Fee $20.00
IIf you are upgrading from v.5.0 to v.6.0 and want us to do the upgrade for you then choose this option and include your website name, username and password to your cpanel. Allow 24-48 hours for completion.
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